P0A80 Code- but is it really the hybrid battery


This forum has saved my life in the past so hoping it can help again!!

For context: I have a 2010 toyota gen 3 prius. It currently has about 130,000KM on it (about 81,000 miles).
Around 6 months ago, I had the trecherous head gasket warning. Took a while, but thanks to your help, I successfully changed the head gasket myself (I had it checked by a mechanic before restarting and he set the timing for me).
As background info, I bought the car used in 2022, and honestly doubt the previous owner did much of the proper maintenance work on it, so I think that’s why a lot has been happening in a short period of time.

1. About 2 weeks after the head gasket replacement: My car died- suddenly lost power, had the check battery warning light on but could not accelerate at all. I had it towed home just to find out the gas line had somehow unclipped. Clipped it back into place and everything was normal again.

2. 1 month after the finish of the head gasket replacement, I got a P0607 code, and just at that point had noticed the red airbag light (yes I know, dumb as hell, but in my previous car, that red airbag light meant the airbag was on and working, and for some reason I assumed it meant the same thing here). In my defense, I was going through a lot of person shit at the time and did not do extensive research and did not take it to the dealer… I know, my mistake. After some research on the internet, I toggled with a few sensors under the seats, and reset the code. Never had the P0607 code come back.

3. I eventually got to the dealer and they plugged up the machine and got the B1660 passenger seat code for the airbags. They didn’t have time to do further research and the dealer told me the mechanic I knew from Toyota and who they give all their “electrical/sensor” problems to, was on vacation. Had me sign a waiver (option was either sign a waiver or leave car there, but I needed a car) and told me to come back in 1-2 weeks. I had my app scheduled for next week, where they would do more exploration for the code, but it only dawned on me after leaving that maybe I should have told them about the P0607 code, as maybe it was related (I have no idea honestly).

4. Just yesterday (so at this point probably 2-3 months after the P0607 code), with no apparent triggering reasons, the check hybrid light came on. Plugged up my reader and got the P0A80 PERMANENT code. Besides the code, the car drives perfectly- I stopped driving it, but on the drive home from when I got the code, I saw no issues except that the battery on the display was no longer showing 80% full and the display that shows like the components with the flow of energy in the car was not shwoing anything either.

Work/pieces changed on car already:

-new head gasket as well as all the gaskets to be changed with a head gasket job
-new engine air filter
-new water pump
-new 12v battery installed about 3 months ago
-oil changed about 2,000-3,000 km ago

My questions:
1. Could the 2 codes be related? I had read that the P0607 code could be related to the ECM and am wondering if this has anything to do with the hybrid battery?

2. My hybrid battery “seemed” in good condition. Don’t know if this affects anything, but my charge for the hybrid battery gets to about 80% full all the time, so I mean if it was really the whole hybrid battery that was shot, wouldn’t I not even be able to recharge it?

3. Any pointers or general directions in which to go. I will go to my dealer app this week but am admittedly kind of panicking as I don’t really want to have to change the whole hybrid battery. I read sometimes just some cells need changing, but knowing my dealer, I’m quite sure they’ll suggest changing everything.

4. I also read online sometimes the code doesn’t mean the hybrid battery is dead but can be other components related to the battery (I read about a pump that cools down the battery or something like that?).

5. I keep seeing different answers about this online, but is there any way I can check the state of my hybrid battery myself?

6. Any things I should check or look into before bringing to the dealer this week?

I will search the forum for similar issues, but I know sometimes it takes a while to get a response so thought I might as well post in the meantime.

edit::: performed a test with a high class OBD and did battery testing- Hybrid battery has all green bars (see photo below).– so why am i receiving the code if the battery pack is great? suggestions on things to check out or clean etc

ANY help would be greatly appreciated. I am at wit’s end with almost everything going wrong right now in my life that I’m really just hoping I can avoid any catastrophe or having to drop 5k on this car.


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